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TRIPWIRE - Short Movie

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

A trailer for TRIPWIRE, our multi award winning short film, about actions and their consequences: Don't play with fire unless you're willing to burn!

The story is about two twins who have fun, playing on a beach. When their friendly tug of war goes wrong they find out that even fighting with friendly opponents can lead to getting more than just your hands burnt, with greater consequences than anyone would care to predict!

War is no game; everybody loses.

The film has won a host of awards at the SERIAC Film Festival 2023 and has been selected at the Horsham and London Lift-Off Film Festivals. Actors Tom Weager and Sam Weager have achieved critical aclaim with their debut screen performances - two talented twins; both ones to watch.

Info: Tripwire was shot with Sony A7Siii kit and a DJI Mavic Air 2S drone. Captured in Log, graded with Da Vinci Resolve software and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro. The original score was composed using Logic Pro Digital Audio Workstation software.

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