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Brighton Pride 2015 - Promo Trailer

2015 marks the 25th annual celebration of Gay Pride and Diversity in the city of Brighton & Hove and the Carnival Of Diversity themed party is set to be bigger and better than ever before!

As part of a series I produced this promo to push the fun side of the event in the run up to the big day on Saturday 1 August 2015. The film already has over 30,000 views on the official Facebook event page.

The feeling is upbeat and energetic and you cannot find a better day out for all the family than a visit to Brighton Pride - it is a unique experience for people of all persuasions to enjoy and is widely celebrated by the city!

I have also produced a second, more solemn film covering 25 years of gay rights, for screening on the main stage on the day, to underline the continuing struggle in countries less fortunate than ourselves where freedom is not so easy to find.

For now enjoy the parade and colourful scenes from the streets of Brighton - watch it on Vimeo!

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